Insecurity continued…and continued again

Boyfriends being controlling! (BAD)

Follow this philosophy: the tighter you clench your fists the easier she will slip out of your hands.

Controlling behavior is an absolute no no.  She is her own women just like you are your own man.  How would you feel if your girlfriend was asking where you were constantly, getting pissed off if there was even a women in the room with you, demanding you be here or leave there.  When approaching a relationship it is always best to give them absolute freedom to do whatever it is that they want to do as long as it’s nothing big that go against your boundaries (a topic for another day).  In fact, guys that act this way will most likely end up being broken heart-ed because a healthy women (one not crazy and has some self respect) would not put up with that!  (psshh i know i wouldn’t).  So remember **** Give your women (any women in a relationship with you) absolute freedom to do whatever it is that she wants to do.******  If she messes up while under the absolute freedom approach that’s fine… think of it as cycling through the bitches and tell yourself (look in the mirror if you have to) that there is someone else better out there.  I know right? hard to believe that there are a million other women out there…not

– Aidan


Insecurtiy continued…


  • Jealousy stems from a place of insecurity.  If you act jealous because your girlfriend gives another guy a hug or even says hello (like most crazy boyfriends) she will start to lose respect for you.  Now you can’t blame her because society runs on an animal instinct and they always will.  Ever wonder why you, as a man, find a women’s ass or breasts attractive?  It is because your animal instinct tells you that this would be a good women to mate with.  Men are attracted to beauty while women for the most part are attracted to a man’s behavior.  You see, it takes a strong (both physically and mentally) man to raise a child, and this is what women search for.  So how should you act in a way that both rids you of insecurity (i.e. jealousy)?  One of the most important mentalities to have is to think to yourself “all men just make me look good”.  Your women will be impressed at the fact that you have no problem with her talking to other guys (there is no amount of bitching you can do to get her to stop talking to the opposite sex).  It ultimately shows your self-confident enough to let her do what she wants and know that she will come back to you (which she always will).  If she wanted other guys so bad she would be with them so don’t waste your time thinking that by letting her talk to other guys she will automatically cheat on you.  Just act cool, calm and collective.  If your out in public and she sees a guy she knows introduce yourself if she hasn’t, shake his hand and say nice to meet you.  Doing all of this just makes you look better and letting her talk to other guys throughout the relationship will just make you look way better in the long wrong.

– Aidan

The number one biggest turn off for women.

So…what is it? You would think being a jerk, being a player, or something along the like.  However the number one turn off for women is simple. Insecurity.  Insecurity absolutely kills the attraction a girl has for you.  That’s right being insecure with yourself is such a turn off to women and ranks as one of the top reasons women break up with men.  Insecurity has a lot to do with how you view yourself (also known as self-confidence).  Women don’t want a guy who crys all day feeling bad for himself.  They want a man who has desires, has goals, has self confidence to approach them.  Confidence is key; even when picking up women faking confidence can be what wins her over but be aware that you can not fake your confidence forever especially if you wish to pursue a relationship with this woman.  We will continue this topic of insecurity tomorrow as there are many levels and things men do in a relationship that go along with being insecure.

– Aidan