The number one biggest turn off for women.

So…what is it? You would think being a jerk, being a player, or something along the like.  However the number one turn off for women is simple. Insecurity.  Insecurity absolutely kills the attraction a girl has for you.  That’s right being insecure with yourself is such a turn off to women and ranks as one of the top reasons women break up with men.  Insecurity has a lot to do with how you view yourself (also known as self-confidence).  Women don’t want a guy who crys all day feeling bad for himself.  They want a man who has desires, has goals, has self confidence to approach them.  Confidence is key; even when picking up women faking confidence can be what wins her over but be aware that you can not fake your confidence forever especially if you wish to pursue a relationship with this woman.  We will continue this topic of insecurity tomorrow as there are many levels and things men do in a relationship that go along with being insecure.

– Aidan


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