Insecurity continued…and continued again

Boyfriends being controlling! (BAD)

Follow this philosophy: the tighter you clench your fists the easier she will slip out of your hands.

Controlling behavior is an absolute no no.  She is her own women just like you are your own man.  How would you feel if your girlfriend was asking where you were constantly, getting pissed off if there was even a women in the room with you, demanding you be here or leave there.  When approaching a relationship it is always best to give them absolute freedom to do whatever it is that they want to do as long as it’s nothing big that go against your boundaries (a topic for another day).  In fact, guys that act this way will most likely end up being broken heart-ed because a healthy women (one not crazy and has some self respect) would not put up with that!  (psshh i know i wouldn’t).  So remember **** Give your women (any women in a relationship with you) absolute freedom to do whatever it is that she wants to do.******  If she messes up while under the absolute freedom approach that’s fine… think of it as cycling through the bitches and tell yourself (look in the mirror if you have to) that there is someone else better out there.  I know right? hard to believe that there are a million other women out there…not

– Aidan


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