Women DO NOT want a little puppy to take care of.

Today we are going to talk about a two things: Approval seeking behaviors and putting your girlfriend high up there (on a pedestal)

  • Approval seeking

Constantly asking your girlfriend if this is okay, or if that is okay is a big no no.  You are a man with your own problems and should be able to take care of your own conflicts.  One of the most attractive traits of a masculine man is to be Self-assured.  To be self-assured is to not compromise your own opinions to fit in.  Believe in the power of your own opinions and protect them.  Being externally validation savvy is a big red flag to women.  It shows them that you have low self esteem (confidence).  Women want a man who is self-reliant, once again going back to the animal instinct: women are attracted to a man who would be a good care-giver for their child (they do not consciously think this, however, this is what they are attracted to).


  • Putting your girlfriend high up there (on a pedestal)

Women want a man with his own needs, his own responsibilities besides them.  If you put your girlfriend ahead of your needs she will lose respect for you and ultimately break up with you because of loss of attraction.  You want to show your girlfriend that you have shit to get done too.  You really like her, however, being in a relationship does not mean losing touch with the world (friends, jobs, responsibilities).   Furthermore, putting your girlfriend on a pedestal will make you become to emotionally involved, and eventually when she brings down the hammer you will be crushed.  Not putting your girlfriend on a pedestal protects you from being extremely broken heart-ed to the point where your life gets put on hold.


***next topic is arguing, learning what to do and what not to do.***


6 comments on “Women DO NOT want a little puppy to take care of.

  1. jensine says:

    I do want to be loved and adored but on a human level … everyone has faults and only when you know and see them can you accept them … thanks for sharing

    • I agree, my posts do not fix flaws in a person they just teach them how to behave in a manner that breaking up with you will be hard. I myself follow these rules that i am blogging about however i have my flaws that my current girlfriend loves and adores. And that to me is what love is : loving the persons flaws more then the good qualities about them.

  2. joshdurso says:

    But, is avoiding emotional attachment an adequate way of handling a relationship? At least from a reasoning standpoint? All your reasoning as to why it’s definitely very important to maintain your own life, is sound–except for that part. At least that’s my opinion.

    Becoming attached isn’t a good reason to avoid becoming “too attached” to them.

    Great post though–great idea’s, as always.

    • Very very valid point. My advice pertains to those just starting to get involved in a relationship and how to keep your women interested. However if the relationship goes beyond the honey moon stage (one year) this is when becoming attached can become okay, however, both parties naturally know that this involves risk (getting your heart broken). But with risk comes a positive or negative impact, hopefully a positive one because after all you are throwing your heart out there. However in future posts i will begin to talk about how to deal with being broken up with and even how to get your ex girlfriend back (i can’t wait haha).

      • joshdurso says:

        Haha. I can’t wait to read about that. Totally valid point though–and what a disgusting thought, “the honeymoon stage.” To think most people probably think that stage lasts a few weeks, or month–now-a-days. If you ever get to the “when’s the appropriate time to say, ‘I love you,” I wish you INSANE amounts of luck.

        God knows you’ll probably need it, and you’ll probably be ridiculed to no end if you dare mention not saying “I love you” after 2 weeks of dating. HA!


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