How To Get Your Ex-girlfriend Back P2

Trust me When I Say:  It is good to let it out.  Mature Masculine Men know when to cry, when to laugh, and when to love.  Talk to a friend, or listen to music that speaks to you.  This song speaks to me… Your not alone, I promise. 

Hello, welcome to  Today we are going to go a little more in depth on the topic of  “How To Get Your Ex-girlfriend Back”, a topic that I consider to be my expertise.  Getting your ex-girlfriend back, however, is not the only thing I am concerned with.  One of the attributes I want you to gain and take advantage of during this break-up period is the feeling of what it is like to be independent.  If you learn to be strong over this period there will be no break-up in the future that will “bring you down”.  Of course there will always be sadness in any break-ups you have had; learning how to be independent  will give you resilience.  Your life will not completely shut down, just because of a broken heart (much like a lot of people). This has personally been one of the hardest times in my life.  When I was in 10th grade I met the most beautiful girl and immediately fell for her.  We ended up dating all the way until my senior year(she left me for someone else).  I was crushed.  During high school I was a little bit weird.  I played trombone (concert, jazz), played in football, wrestling, and track, and was a 4.0 student.  My senior year was the worst year of my entire life.  I prayed everyday for graduation because I couldn’t focus anymore.  I went from being 12th in my class to 25th… my grades suffered, I quit every sport.  It was terrible.  However, I took advantage of this experience and learned how to be stronger.  After high school I attended Lehigh University and was back to the me I remembered.  [Moral of the Story]As you can see break-ups can destroy people’s lives IF THEY LET THAT HAPPEN.

Today I am going to go a little more in depth on the first part of the break-up: what to do first, how to deal with it.  You see, immediately after the break-up you have begun to “get her back”.  This is all about how you behave boys.  Remember women want a mentally strong man to take care of their animal instinct issues.  If she breaks up with you hard (you know what I mean) cut off all contact.

Remove her from every social networking site, email, instant messaging, skype… anything.  Only exception is facebook.  If she blocks you that’s fine too.. trust me she is going to be looking at your facebook.

Write her number down somewhere and completely forget about it.  Then delete her number from your phone.  If you have memorized this number that is okay, still delete her number from your phone.

You MUST RESIST the urge to call her, text her, go to her work, anything.  You absolutely must follow the “No Contact” Rule.  I recommend to most people that all they have to do is follow this rule and usually I’m right!   By not contacting her you are showing her that you are okay with the break-up.  You are making her think “Well maybe he got a new girl”  (This could take up to 3 weeks of no contact).  Once she reaches this point of jealous thinking she will begin to feel lonely.  She will want to talk to you in the worst way.  This is when she will likely look at your facebook because she is wondering what your doing without her.  Women actually believe (and want) that you should be crying for days, they want you to be miserable as sad as it is.  When your not showing that your upset, and express that your moving on just fine from the break-up they usually feel a rush of attraction towards you again.  Which is why she broke-up with you to begin with.  Other reasons she might break-up with you : cheating, controlling behavior, yelling at her which we will talk about later.

Now, what NOT to do with your facebook account in a nut shell.

– Don’t be a prick

–  Do not purposely come up with these status’s about how many girls your with, partying, how many girls your banging.  We just want to make her jealous, not extremely pissed that your having sex with millions of girls.

–  Now it is completely appropriate and required of you to flirt with other women.  Flirt in real life, and on facebook.  It will boost your self-confidence.  Just act friendly, do not blatantly act like your TRYING to make your ex jealous.  Just act as if she is a friend.


–  You need to appear that you are okay.  To do this you just post status’s of you having normal fun (not so much partying, or having sex, or doing drugs).  A good way to make her jealous is to go out to breakfast with 3 girls and one other dude.  Post who your with and where your going and your SOLID.  Your implying them as friends so when she eventually calls you and asks what you were doing you just say “they are just friends”.  She doesn’t control you, you can do whatever the heck you want to.

The Next step is previously listed in the How To Get Your Ex Back category.  Follow this guide

What If She Does Not Contact You? 

This is not very common but if you have to contact your girlfriend first here is what you have to do.

Step 1:  Call her, Write her a letter, contact her.

Step 2: After you have reached her, just act cool, calm, and completely okay with the break-up.  I think you should even go as far as to tell her that.  “I think this break-up was for the best, but I don’t want to lose you as a friend.  We used to be good friends, and I want to remain on good terms with you.”  You don’t have to say this exactly but you get the idea.

Step 3:  If you talked to her in a friendly manner and no sexual intentions were implied then you can now successfully swoop in under her scope as a “friend”.

The Finish Line. 

Now after you have followed you can just be chill.  Remain cool, calm , and collective at all times.  Let her do all the work.. let her chase you.  Your in control now.  If she doesn’t call you be patient.  Women don’t want to seem desperate by calling you back the next day.. Everything should be okay if you have followed the rules and steps I have outlined.   Good luck to you, I know you can do it.  Remember You Are A Dominant Man.. make her feel like a women.


– Aidan



22 comments on “How To Get Your Ex-girlfriend Back P2

  1. nathan says:

    great to have some more in depth information about how to get a girlfriend back. you got me thinking about facebook and so my ex deactivated her facebook account but i didnt delete her and do you know if she can still see my fb ? i never thought she could since she deactivated it and its been 3 months since she did and not sure why she did. anyway glad you are back to give more help ,i am still waiting for a reply from my ex. I pray everyday for this woman because she went back to her abusive and controlling ex and not sure how she is. I still love her and want to do the right thing to hopefully hear from her and get her back. thanks for your time

    • She will reply.. i promise. You can get her back! (:

      Thankyou very much for reading

    • oh and she CAN still see your profile is your friends with her friends.. she’ll go to their house or something like that. But she cannot go on facebook and see your account unless you security status is public.

      • nathan says:

        ok thanks. i have set for friends only that can see my fb and thanks for answering. I was curious what part of the world are you? Just to have some perspective. well all i can do now is email her and i did ask how she was but havent heard anything. her friend usually kept me informed of how she was when in the hospital for 7 months but she hasnt replied for 3 months now. and i would rather not ask her or talk to her. so i guess all i can do now is wait and hope and trust God if its His will she will come back.thanks again for your encouraement and time. peace brother

      • I currently live near Philadelphia PA. And yes… us men like to get shit done fast however women seem to take time to do everything.. -_- Time is key here, just hand in there. I’m sure you will be fine. Keep yourself busy, sitting at home waiting for her reply is going to do nothing for you. Trust me on that.

      • nathan says:

        ok, your right women take forever to do anything and cant seem to make up their mind sometimes. thanks i will be fine. you have some great advice and wondered why their arent many posts on here from anyone? am i missing something?

      • haha well i just started this blog about 2 months ago. Not much publicity, wordpress is hard to get views but I’m working on that too. I one day want to make this blog into a website. I write these blogs completely from my head. I needed somewhere to put all my thoughts down lol. Your not missing anything, I think your just recognizing the opportunity of learning you have at your hands. And thankyou for making me feel as if i have something worth while to share with people. (:

  2. nathan says:

    Your welcome and thank you for this help. I guess not many men need relationship help. no that can’t be right, ha. well they are missing out on some great advice. keep it coming brother. ~peace

  3. neo says:

    hi, i hope you can help me in this situation, i was having a great relation until i did something wrong, i said some awkward words for her relegion as she didnt expect from me (we both have different relegion or you can say sect) ok then she stooped showing me the intense love and emotions she showed earlier then i asked her to forget that and said sorry and all that stuff and she asked for some time to heal, things got worse with time i felt she is decreasing the intensity of love with time, i asked her again and she said its difficult to forget because i saw you as a different man but i will with time, but after 3 weeks she didnt so i brokeup with he. she asked me to come back once but i said no and then she said ok and didnt contact me then, after some time i felt i was crazy for her and cant live like this, i contacted her back and asked and even begged to forgive and i cant live without her but she said now its over if you want to talk for some reasons like to ask for notes or anything you may contact me now what should i do i want her back.

  4. Mike says:

    No sad status’s. Haha, Yes! That should be a rule of thumb for everyone. You are so right, people are ultimate snipers when it comes to FB creeping. If there is a way to see as much of an ex’s profile, we’ll find it. I’m relieved that you addressed what to do in the rare case an ex girlfriend is too stubborn to initiate contact. Some women are stubborn. Great site, keep it up

  5. Alex says:

    Okay so heres my story. im a sophomore in college and shes a senior in high school. our 2 year was oct 21 2012 and she was here for the weekend, everything was going great. im at u of i and shes gonna be going to mizzou, which is about a 4 hour distance between eachother. on oct 31 2012 she said she wanted a break to find herself cause she wanted to see if she could be happy being single. the first couple days i acted clingy and needy but on nov 2 2012 we stopped talking. then on nov 14 2012 she txted me asking how i was doing and to bring back her class ring cause i was coming home nov 16 for thanksgiving break. so nov 15 2012 i got super drunk and drunk dialed her, i have no idea what i said. then on nov 16 2012 i got a txt from her reading”hope you had a good night….” i told her i didnt remember calling her and that i was sorry if i said anything mean or hurtful, but she still sounded upset over the few txts we sent. then on nov 17 2012 she txted me asking to meet up so i could give her her class ring back. we met up at a coffee place for about 15 min. i cut it off short so we didnt catch up too much after the 1st meeting with eachother. we jsut small talked about school,family,and about her showchoir. i shared a couple funny stories and a couple things abot me but not too much. when i said i had to go i said it was nice to see her and that we should do it again soon. i gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. do you think that was a good 1st meeting? just wanted some input on how you think the situation is going. also what should i expect coming up? im worried that my drunk dial mightve ruined my chances of getting back with her but im not completely sure.i still want to be with her so im still gonna continue the no contact until she contacts me next cause we havent talked since the meeting on nov 17 2012. any suggestions would be helpful as well, thanks.

    • Okay. I’m not going to lie to you. The drunk dial might have hurt your chances slightly, however; the fact that she met with you anyway shows me that your safe again. All I want you to do is follow the no contact rule. Next I want you to follow the steps I have outlined in the “how to get your ex back” P1 & P2. Most important advice I can give you: When or if you decide to date someone (which I recommend because it boosts confidence) do not try to flaunt and purposely make her jealous. YOU NEVER WANT A WOMEN TO KNOW YOU ARE PURPOSELY TRYING TO MAKE HER JEALOUS. Trust me.. girls will make you 4x more jealous than you could ever make them jealous. It’s unfair, but that’s life. Your doing good man, just stick in there. But wait… why not get some college girls? Do you really love this girl?

  6. Alex says:

    Yeah I really do love this girl. here’s an up date on the situation. on nov 30 she txted me saying she was going to see this Christmas show that we saw last year and that it made her think of last years experience. i told her to have a good time at the show and then her next txt asked me what i was doing this weekend. i told her christmas shopping and going out, then she responded that she had show choir all weekend. i told her good luck and she said thanks and then she had to go cause the christmas show was starting.i responded like every 45 min for that convo. okay so the next convo we had was sunday dec 2 around 3 am. she texted me asking if i was awake and i said yeah. she said shit im sorry and i txted back sorry for what? she then said she had been drinking tonight and i txted back asking if something was wrong. she responded back saying she didnt know why she txted me and that i probably didnt want to talk to her. i responded by saying i just got back from going out too at the bars and she said she wished they had bars in springfield but she only had her basement. i said that her basement is still pretty good and then she didnt respond after that. the convo only lasted like 15 minutes. then monday dec 4 she posted a facebook status saying “This year is turning out to be one happy ending, nothing is dragging me down now :)” it seems like shes trying to get an emotional response out of me or trying to tell me something else. but thats the update on my situation, id be happy to know what ya think about it adn suggestions for how to handle it!

  7. Anon says:

    So if you’re still responding to these I’d appreciate your feedback.

    I just split with my gf of three months, met her online.. we went very fast. In the two weeks of text and phone calls before we had our first date we talked about everything personal and important, to where our first date was like we’d known each other for a long time. Were physical by our third date mid December and have been attached at the hip since x-mas.

    There have been a few glitches; early on she told me she just considered us “exclusively hanging out” and didn’t want us to see other people but didn’t want to update our status on FB or anything. I said mere semantics and brushed the entire conversation off. Then right around V-Day it was the exact opposite, she “needed” to know f i thought of her as my GF and not just a fuck buddy. I told her I considered her my girl friend since our third date when we slept together…that ironed right out and we had an awesome V-day. The main glitch was her ex baggage; the day after our first date she confessed that she had been intimate with her ex on a “fwb” basis just a few days before our date, but that it was nothing. The only reason she told me was because I had asked her how long she was single and she basically lied and said 6 months…against my better judgement I told her she owed no explanation, and I told her I expected her to be 100% available if I was going to move forward with her. She said after our first date she had fallen and was in 100%. Next blip on the ex radar was in late January, I lurked her making comments on one of his FB posts and confronted her, told her flat out it was giving me cold feet and based on the way this started with the “fwb” story… she responded in panic mode, blocked him from FB and instagram and showed me the text where she had previously told him they would never get back together and then pleaded with me to trust her and believe that all she wanted was me, that what we had was nothing like she’d had before and she was 100% in and wanted a future..bla can probably see where this is going. That ended with us having an improv sleep over that lasted 4 days at my place reaffirming our relationship. Then a week ago, when I went out of town for a snowboarding trip.. the first we’ve been separated for more than 2 consecutive days in 3 months and she went and “hung out” with the ex. She told me via text while I was driving home…6 hour drive. Swears it was innocent, yet in the past week she suddenly doesn’t think we are a good match and has to try and work it out with him, despite the fact they were only together 6 months and he cheated on her twice and was mentally abusive to her. I read your boundaries and up until this chick i wouldn’t even be confused..I’d tell her to kick rocks and move on. But with this one it just came out of complete nowhere. Especially when you consider every other day shes posting on FB how grateful she is for me, how blessed her life is, at least once a week even the day i left she’s telling me no ones ever treated her as good as i do and that this is the best sex life she has ever enjoyed (true for me to btw)… I was on top of the world and smitten right up until a week ago. Now, I’m lost. I’m smart enough to see her flaws..I won’t go into detail but aside from what I’ve told you as a 30yr old she has some other juvenile traits besides this behavior. I definitely brought more to the table but on the whole we complimented each other when we where together. And there were never fights… just good times. I was already planning on asking her if she wanted to move in early summer since she was always at my place and i already plan on moving into a bigger apt.

    In the last week, she has been reaching at straws and inventing reasons for why she did this, mainly to justify her guilt. But I’ve argued them to the point she just conceded and falls back on “I’m just a mess and I’m sorry” or “I’m confused and can’t explain my actions”… In any event I have not been the rock i would like to be, everything from angry to depressed and all focused at trying to talk her out of it. Via text mainly, one phone call and we were going to meet but that fell apart because I told her i couldn’t look at her. She even said my pushing has made her less confused…so now, even though it really appears she’s moving forward with him I still want her back. Crazy i know but that’s the score. In the last 2-1/2 days i have reached a point of resentment to where I have stopped texting her and the last convo ended with me being the nice guy and us agreeing we’ll keep n touch but I’m done for now. I need to cut it off for my own sake… and if I want to get her back. Then she see’s a post of mine on FB where i got hurt snowboarding and has texted 3 times in the last 24hrs asking if I’m ok. I don’t want to be a dick and ignore her but think if i have a chance to get her to wake up and come back to me I can’t respond right now. Pretty confused… Any thoughts?

    • So you are technically the rebound. Keep this in mind. When her and her boyfriend fall apart (which they will, once an ex ALWAYS AN EX) she is going to be calling you non-stop. Be dick. You have every right to be mean to her, but I personally think the silent treatment is more appropriate. It shows that you are a man who does not put up with stupid drama, which girls will try to get away with to see how far they can push you (not conciously of course.. although sometimes it is on purpose). In my professional opinion, you need to move on. Although she might be the “greatest” you have ever experienced, there will always be someone better. If I were you (not trying to bash you) I would have dropped her the second she told me she was “visiting” her ex. What kind of bull-shit is that? You deserve better. I can tell that you are an intelligent man, so make the smart move and cut your losses. You are not completely emotionally invested in this women which is a very good thing. You do not want to ruin your life just because you are upset. Say your goodbyes if you have to and tell her exactly why. That is all. Goodluck. Since you will probably not take my advice by dropping her I am going to help you the best that I can. You need to establish boundaries. You tell her flat out that if she is going to act fishy about her ex by hanging out with him than she will be gone and out of your life, however; make sure she understands that you are not trying to control her and that she is free to do what she wants. She knows the consequences.

      Since she has contacted you first, just respond in kind. Let HER run the conversation. She will tell you if she wants to continue things, but DO NOT be the first to do so. Treat her as a friend, and when she wants to move forward with you that is when you become the dominant male I know you are.


  8. Anon says:

    I really do appreciate your time and i completely agree with you. We did get into one last round of texting (she says talking is too hard) the day after I wrote this, in which she baited me into lashing out my anger and let her know in no uncertain terms that i was pissed and this was unacceptable. It went in circles because she went from “I know this is a mistake” to “i have to do this” .. so I eventually told her it was pointless arguing and i accept she has to make the mistake and i will be fine moving on. I asked her not to contact me… which of course she later did. Sent a pathetic self bashing goodbye with more mixed signals. I gave it a few days so as not to get baited in again, then sent a final reply reiterating that it just wasn’t cool and she’s blown it… but unfortunately I added a “take care” and told her if she ever needs to chat she knows where to find me. I say unfortunately because i regret saying it. I guess I wanted to get the last word in and take the high road. I only hope that when her and her boyfriend fall apart and she comes snooping around, that enough time will have passed for me to do what’s right. Truth is if it happens in the near future i may be inclined to give her the “we all make mistakes” pass… knowing I shouldn’t. In that scenario i am already on the same page as your boundaries suggest, hopefully though like i said i will have the presence of mind to just laugh and tell her to pound sand. Time will tell.

    Thank you again very much for the response, i needed to hear an objective view point.

  9. Michael says:

    Hey I really like the advise you are giving here and could use some myself. Me and my ex are both in college. We dated for two great years and and was each others first love and everything. We broke up about 2 months ago and she wouldnt contact me for anything. We broke up because I was stupid and cheated on her. She found out in a bad way aswell and it made it worse. She found out from a family member of mine. I was crushed. I always started the contact and she never wanted to hear from me. She said she has moved on but I don’t think she is seeing anyone. All her friends hate me now and so does her mom who loved me before. She blocked my number and unfriended me. I dont know about email but I havent tried. She went from doing anything for me and running into my arms to not wanting anyhing to do with me. We live in Georgia but she is going to Germany May 10 to early August to visit her family for the summer. I dont know what to do. Im focusing on changing myself right now and getting closer to God. She is very religious too. And I think she is going with the idea he doesnt have me in her plans anymore. I dont want her to think that.

    • hello Michael. Im going to write you a small passage tomorrow, if I remember. I am on my tablet at the moment and its hard to write fast, but I promise I will help you as much as I can.


      • Michael says:

        okay looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

      • Michael says:

        Things have gotten worse. I haven’t talked to her in a month but now I found out that she is dating one of her close friends. He is a really nice guy and she looks so happy. It kills me. She will be gone for the summer and I think he is switching to another school that is 2 hours away. She is a really good girl so I don’t think the longer distance relationship will bother her. I need to win her back what do I do?

  10. silvercrimz says:

    Hei there,

    Basically, me and my gf we sort of broke up just within a two month period. We met in a gym and we started off pretty quickly, less then a week i’ll say. Things did hit it off pretty right. Until the 2nd month where it starts to get shaky. I was less attentive to her or even made any small gestures like giving her call or sending a text due to my busy work schedule plus my family’s financial was also part of my responsibility to take care of. It wasn’t intentional but i guess it was accumulation of that she felt neglected. She was my first gf and i’m not her first definitely so in many areas of things i was green.

    I did suggest if we can sit down and have a talk about it but she would decline coldly. i bought her a gift for her birthday and she did not liked it stating it’s too childish for her – shes in her late twenties, closing on the big three o. Even tells me she don’t even dare to show it to any of her friends.I was really baffled because to me the gift looked fine and has its subtleties though i admit there is rather weird pinkish coloring. I was quite broke but i tried to get what i think she would like.

    Right now, it’s confusing. Supposedly like your articles says, no contact though i made it so i guess it’s late as i was desperate to get her back and it was also due to guilt in me. As of now we do meet up in the gym, shes a fitness trainer there while i’m a member. Sometimes she would invite me out for lunch when i am around in the gym and yesterday we went for swimming lessons. However of course the chatting we had isn’t as warm as before and at times i can feel the coldness from her a bit.

    My question is actually i’m not really sure what to do. To have less contact with her or to be nice to her like sending her text once in awhile but that beats the purpose of not having contact for awhile. To say blocking all communication, shes the one that did that – from facebook, twitter and though just recently she unblocked me on whatsapp. I was thinking just chill out, hang out with more girls or do some other priorities but as you mentioned, I did think about chilling out and hanging out with other girls or focus on other priorities but i was just worried that she might just think that i’m over with it and finally i moved on from her. I’m rather clueless now.

    Thank you

    • Dude. Honestly, reading this comment put me in quite a daze. You explain a lot of things, but in a very vague manor. If you are contemplating this relationship this much I recommend moving on. Although it sounds hard in the beginning, it will work out for you in the long run. You need to be strong against women. They are becoming our equals in the US (assuming your from the US), and it is affecting males in an adverse way.

      I Can not explain the phenomena to you, but you can witness it if you pay attention. – Aidan

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