Getting Your Ex Back Starts the Moment You Break Up

There seems to be some misconceptions on the “How to get your ex-girlfriend back P1 & P2”.  The title is not some mumbo jumbo that I made up.  The moment you and your girlfriend break it off is the moment you need to start behaving in a different manner.  The comments I have been getting are asking me how to get the ex back when (1) It has been a month or two or (2) She is already dating someone else.  I am a cut and dry type of guy so I am just going to come out and say this.  I AM NOT A MIRACLE WORKER.  If you are still crying over an ex months later you need to reorganize yourself and your ideals.  You need to start realizing what you appear to be on the outside: how people view you.  If your ex starts dating another guy this should be a sign that you need to move on, which is the trick to getting your girlfriend back in the first place.  “Women want the man who can get over them before they do”.  This is not a joke!  You need to reassess yourself and stop worrying about what she is doing.  “Stop worrying about what other people’s actions are; the only person you can control is yourself, and sometimes you can not even control that!”.  MOVE ON AND SHE WILL COME BACK TO YOU.  Trust me.  I cannot stress this enough.  This is the type of bullshit that I am talking about with men these days.  Women are starting to take control which is why I made this blog in the first place.  This website is not for you to cry to me and beg me for a solution to a problem that does not need a solution!   Be a MAN and move on.  If you are going to comment my blog and give me a sob story you do not belong here.  Go cry to your mom if that is the type of man you are.  Instead of telling me some sob story ask me “how do I move on Aidan?”.  By moving on she will come running back to you.  It is that simple.  1.  Do not initiate contact ever (it is okay for her to contact you).  2.  Move on with your life and stop feeling sorry for yourself, because when it comes down to it YOU are the only one that has control of your destiny.  If your going to cry about every girl that breaks up with you then you will ultimately fail in life, and in relationships. 


Men.  I apologize for going on a rant, but the truth hurts.  It hurts for a reason, and that’s because you want to pretend that there is a way.  Well there isn’t!  Follow my instructions on how to move on and that is all.  You need to actually read what I am saying to get anything out of it.  Good luck. 



3 comments on “Getting Your Ex Back Starts the Moment You Break Up

  1. greg says:

    Yes my name is greg, and really do love my ex girlfriend.. We been on and of for last couple of months and last time which is 3 weeks ago she had enough.. In the last 3 weeks I have truly been working and digging how to improve myself and our relationship.. I have done what your talking about reaching out to her through neutral friends making her aware I love her, found the solution within me, want her back and willing to work.. So she knows this and I know been clingy but even though I’ve broke up with her, will your plan work for me if I sweep in under the scope and wait on her to contact me.. Appreciate any advice….

    • This may be a little tricky. Because you are the one who initiated the break-up it might be in your best interest to contact her, but do not do ANYTHING until I get more information. How long has it been since you broke up, and how long has it been since you last talked? If it has been a while, then it may be in your best interest to invite her out somewhere, but do not call it a date! You must come off as strictly platonic at first, and let her lead most of the conversation. Do not talk about the relationship you guys had at all.. she will. This is what I mean by let her lead the conversation. If she wants to be with you, than she will be more than delighted to come hang out with you. Something cheap and simple will work. Coffee… no movies. How are you suppose to engage in conversation at a movie?

  2. James says:

    You speak the truth my friend. Use counterintuitive actions and you have it in the bag.

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