Since the early 1900’s a shift in humanity has begun.  Women have begun to become more masculine while men, sadly, become more feminine.  Why did this happen?  There is only one explanation for this; the birth control pill.  Since the invention woman’s rights movements have gone wild.  It has caused an upset in the world that men have known for so long.  Women are getting jobs, raising families without men, aborting their pregnancies, and taking charge.  But what if I told you that women… don’t want all of this?  What if I told you that women WANT to be lead, they don’t want to call the shots in the relationship they WANT to be submissive.  It’s funny because even though women might seem to chase after control, chase after independence they really all want to be lead by their companion.  It is no secret that women are confusing.  Through this blog I am going to give you the manual on how to treat a women.  No; I am not some bitch who will teach men how to cater to their women (HELL NO).  Through this blog you will learn to be a masculine man.  My goal through this blog is to help as many men as I can, and to hopefully bring back mature, masculine men to this world.

– Aidan Stone



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