Well What Do You Know, He’s Back

Now that I have finally gotten my hope back for all of the men in this world, I think I may actually return to blogging.  I have not been posting anything because honestly most of the comments I am receiving are men crying to me about how their ex’s broke their heart, and they want them back so bad.  STOP.  This is a waste of time, and that is what I am and have been trying to show all of my viewers.  Remember that this is one of the first eras where women are considered equal to men.  I am not sexist; I am simply telling you facts.  Women are taking over some parts of America.  They have been behind the scenes of almost all famous male historic events, but now that they are “officially” equal they are beginning to take over.  I am all for women being equal to men, just like they should be, however; this does not mean that men should bow down and put pussy on a pedestal.  I look down upon those who go into strip clubs, becuase if you were a true man you could go out and get a women in bed with you.  Women do it all the time.  The only difference between us and them is that they keep their fucking mouths shut about it. 


A guy gets a girl in bed, and must immediately tell all of his buddies.  In some circumstances, an immature male will even brag in front of the girl that he did the dirty deed with!  Defy your natural human instinct to brag, and try being humble for a change. 


“No. Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda


Study my past posts and find out for yourselves.  That is the only way that you can learn.  I refuse to answer cry baby questions.  If I believe you can do it, then you can.  I learned the hard way.  You will learn that there are two paths you can take in this life: the easy way or the hard way.  Almost ninety-nine percent of the time, the hard way is much more rewarding.  Think long term, and not the short term.  Ultimately, you need to have the attitude that it is over forever.  This girl is out of your ilfe.  If she loved you as much as your tears are worth, she would have already been trying to get back with you.  She broke up with you…why are you sad?  The best form of revenge is success.  Go fucking do something with your life, and stop crying about your ex.  Throwing away your life over a women is one of the dumbest things a man can do, but believe you me it happens more often than you think.  Reverse this pattern and be a real man.  Succeed through the tough times, because what else are you going to do ?  Nothing?  Than enjoy being miserable for the rest of your life.  Do something.  Please. 


– A


Behavior in the Beginning = Behavior Throughout

In a post from last year I discuss boundaries that I recommend be set as early as possible:

After you have successfully entered the relationship you need to create solid boundaries and talk to her about them.  Write a list of boundaries (things that you will not put with.)

My list looks like this:

  • Lying to me
  • Cheating
  • Treating me with disrespect
  • Playing head games

Once your girlfriend knows exactly what you do not put up with in a relationship is when you have a successful foundation to your relationship.

These boundaries are not of the controlling nature (tell her that), because a controlling boyfriend is very unattractive. She must know that she is free to cross them and trust me she will at one point in time in the relationship.  Women love to test us men.  Women are programmed to naturally want a man that will be a good father, because of animal instincts.  People neglect to realize that just because we have a large cerebral cortex compared to other animals does not mean that we are not animals too.  Society will always run in an instinctual way.  When women are looking for a husband they are looking for a man with dexterity.   In order for a man to be a good father he must be emotionally intact, and this is why it is not their fault.  You must guard these boundaries with punishments (read the punishment section).  Women want a man with strong boundaries, if you let her cross them freely she will lose respect for you and ultimately end up breaking up with you.  Head my warning.  Don’t be a B***CH.

Bouncing off of boundaries – We are going to talk about how to act during the very beginning of the relationship.

It is incredibly important that you do not hide how you really are in public and behind closed doors.  It is necessary to act in your own way, and be comfortable with who you are as a person.  People commonly make this mistake.

For Example:  I meet this gorgeous girl, and I end up getting her number.  We continue to date for a period of time, and then I decide it is time I ask her if she wants a relationship with me.  From this moment on I decide to be the best boyfriend ever, and take her out to dinner at least once a week even though I can not afford to.  Two months pass by and I am running out of cash.  We end up not going out to dinner this weekend, but when I try to explain to my girlfriend that I can’t afford it she gets angry.  She is used to being courted and dressing up for me.  Next weekend the same occurs, and she starts equating this behavior as her own fault.  Problems will arise.

In this scenario I made a couple of big mistakes that insure that (1) This girl will eventually break up with me (2)  That I will be heart-broken and ultimately struggle with the balance of my life for some time period(t).  This type of meeting happens every day, and men are continuously being put down.  The funny part to all of this is that it is no ones’ fault except for the person who allowed this women to tear them down and put their life on hold.  You are in control of what happens to you, and the future that you will have.  Furthermore,  do not EVER “decide” to be a good boyfriend.  It will cause you to think and act in ways that appear needy and unattractive.  Instead, you must view yourself as a man with confidence, but do not fake confidence.  Women can sense it a mile away.  If you are a man that is having trouble getting women, the “How to get your Ex-Girlfriend Back” teaches you exactly how to behave to increase your confidence and gives you the ability to attract women.


Next week we are going to talk about a book called “The art of Seduction” and a few key points I would like to center on.  Stay tuned.



New posts will begin..

Surprisingly this blog has grown some popularity.  I have literally done nothing for this to come about.  I have decided to continue my quest for a website, and will continue regular postings May 18th.  I will try to have regular posts each week.  If you have any questions that you need answering (specific questions of what to do in certain situations) I will answer them.  All you have to do is ask if I can make a post about a topic that you choose.  Comments will be accepted, and you never know your post may very well be what I write about on May 18th!  Much love. 

, Aidan

To all the bastards commenting my posts with ads….



, Aidan

Great News… and bad news

Right now I am currently working on creating and web developing my own site.  The bad news is.. I need things to be perfect and perfection takes time.  I will take as long as I please in coming out with the new site but trust me it’s going to be amazing.  My deadline is August 1st.. hope to see you then (:



Women DO NOT want a little puppy to take care of.

Today we are going to talk about a two things: Approval seeking behaviors and putting your girlfriend high up there (on a pedestal)

  • Approval seeking

Constantly asking your girlfriend if this is okay, or if that is okay is a big no no.  You are a man with your own problems and should be able to take care of your own conflicts.  One of the most attractive traits of a masculine man is to be Self-assured.  To be self-assured is to not compromise your own opinions to fit in.  Believe in the power of your own opinions and protect them.  Being externally validation savvy is a big red flag to women.  It shows them that you have low self esteem (confidence).  Women want a man who is self-reliant, once again going back to the animal instinct: women are attracted to a man who would be a good care-giver for their child (they do not consciously think this, however, this is what they are attracted to).


  • Putting your girlfriend high up there (on a pedestal)

Women want a man with his own needs, his own responsibilities besides them.  If you put your girlfriend ahead of your needs she will lose respect for you and ultimately break up with you because of loss of attraction.  You want to show your girlfriend that you have shit to get done too.  You really like her, however, being in a relationship does not mean losing touch with the world (friends, jobs, responsibilities).   Furthermore, putting your girlfriend on a pedestal will make you become to emotionally involved, and eventually when she brings down the hammer you will be crushed.  Not putting your girlfriend on a pedestal protects you from being extremely broken heart-ed to the point where your life gets put on hold.


***next topic is arguing, learning what to do and what not to do.***