It just goes to show…

It just goes to show that even the professionals have their faults.  Right now I’m crying because me and my girlfriend got into a fight.  I do not even know how to behave in this situation and this is why i think I am so attracted to her.  Even after all the psychology i have studied, even after all the relationships i have been in, even after all of the knowledge i spread to the masses i still some how mess up.  You see it is up to the man in the relationship to lead their girlfriend but i want a girl who can lead me.  Who can call me back and say I’m sorry for making you upset, or ..anything.  I love her so much word press. It kills me inside to even think that we could have an end but once again i must go back to my own philosophy and say “all relationships must have an end” and it kills me.  I wish I could just find that girl where there would be no problems but it’s a fairytale.. all relationships have problems, everything in life has it’s set backs.  Even the best of the best have their downfalls and I have just found mine.  I’m not perfect, and I hope you respect me for admitting to my faults.  Relationships are not easy, men are not meant to be magnanimous and yet I wish the best for every relationship out there.  To the people that have had marriage for decades I applaud you.


HAHAAHA just got a call from her.  gah it’s amazing.  The roller coaster of life, it’s real and just accept it! Because whether you like it or not there will always be an up and a down.  There is an opposite to everything, a downfall to everything.  What comes up must come down.  I’m in love with a girl… and the reason being is because she is a challenge.  she is a puzzle (ps. i don’t care about the mess-ups in this posts spelling wise).  There is no advice I can give you that is 100%.  Even after all I have learned I still have my faults.  But the difference between me and most people is that I accept these faults and I move on.  Resiliencey is key.  The ability to bounce back in this world is NECESSITY.  Love is beautiful, and my girlfriend even more beautiful.  Maybe one day I will reveal who I really am because if you thought for one second that my real name is Aidan your crazy (; .  I wish the best for those in a relationship because a relationship is one of the hardest things you will deal with in life.  Finding that one out of 6.5 billion is a tough choice.  I found that one.. now go find yours, it’s a tough choice but in the end when your married and happy and you grow old together you will realize that you have had the best luck of the many that have not had the chance to find true love.  I believe in true love; love is ever lasting.


And if your not in a relationship DO NOT SEARCH, trust me it is so much better when that person just hits you in the face and says “hey”.  You will find the one.. there is a person for everyone.  God made it that way.


Good luck to those in a relationship, and remember; never give up on what you believe in, never walk away from what you believe in.


For those that are not in a relationship; DO NOT SEARCH.  One day they will find you, whether your in a public place or just hanging out with friends.  She or he will hit you and you will never regret asking for their number (:


I love all of my followers and all of the people who see these posts of mine.  May god have mercy upon you, and may you respect jesus for what he has done for us.  In Jesus’s name I pray amen.