Mentalities you must have in a relationship to avoid being broken up with

[work in progress]  The following are “rules to abide by”.  The mentalities with “” are ones that you must honestly think about yourself and own it.  You can’t fake confidence and you can’t fake these mentalities.  Believe in them and it will show through your actions without you consciously making the choice.

1.) The person caring the least of the two in a relationship controls the relationship

2.) “All other men just make me look good”

Jealousy.  When you take this mentality and you own it their is almost nothing your girlfriend can do to make you jealous.  Jealousy stems from Insecurity which as I said before is a relationship killer.

3.) “I am a man of value”

– you must believe you are a prize that must be won.  You are a man of value and therefore demand respect.  Need to own this mindset and it will attribute to your self-confidence however do not walk around saying “im a man of value” because you will just look like a douchebag.

4.) All relationships do not last forever, they are finite.


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