Conflict Resolution: Be Gentle but FIRM! [punishing your girlfriend]

This post is for the times when a girlfriend starts to cross your boundaries (we will touch on this topic Sunday).  When a girlfriend tries to cross your boundaries she is disrespecting you.  Now, disrespect can mean a multitude of things (whatever that means to you).

Remember that your approval is just as powerful as your disapproval!

For little things I like to address the conflict in the following manner:

” You know, one of the things I love about you is that you are always such a sweet,

heartfelt person but as of late you have been pretty rude and disrespectful.  I didn’t

expect this out of you.”

Business of Punishment

Business of Punishment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Clean it up whatever way you like, add in other words, slang and blah blah blah.  This usually works, you will get an apology 99% of the time.

In short: You are being kind yet firm at the same time not rude in any way but dealing with the situation in a mature manner.

  1. In a relaxed and calm tone tell her what you like or admire about her
  2. Then tell her what actions/behaviors you do not like that you do not approve of (your approval is powerful)

**There will be another post tomorrow about entering a relationship before we continue on punishment***